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Lisa Neese


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My name is Lisa, I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Adam since high school in 1981. Our Daughters are Beth and Holly. Beth recently Married a great man named Matthew Smith and they live in Nashville, Tn. Holly recently moved to Sacramento, California and is having an adventure of a lifetime. We have 2 Dachshunds that think they are human clowns! I work as a Supervisor in a preschool/daycare Christian Facility and YES I diffuse Thieves there everyday!

I started using Oils early in 2014 to help with wellness support and just make my house smell good! Since then I have learned so much more and use our oils for all manner of things. I have since lost over 30 pounds and come off ALL of my prescription medications with the help of Young Living Products. I now have my  work, Husband, Mother, Daughters and dogs using oils too. We are one big happy ‘oily’ family.