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How to Use Essential Oils



When you diffuse Young Living essential oils, you are inhaling and processing them directly
through the olfactory system, which then sends therapeutic benefits of the oil to the brain. A diffuser will take an essential oil and break it down into micromolecules and project them into the air. I have read some of THE MOST amazing testimonials of the benefits people receive while diffusing essential oils. Studies have shown that when diffusing certain oils, you may experience relaxation, alertness, motivation…the list goes on and on.

Young Living offers several different diffusers. I recommend the diffuser pictured above – the Young Living Bamboo Diffuser. When you become a member and purchase the Aroma Premium Kit, you will get this diffuser for almost FREE. You get it WITH the Aroma Premium Kit. This is a VERY, VERY good deal! This diffuser is $117.11 retail and $89 wholesale, so it is best to take advantage of this benefit with the Starter Kit.



vita-flex-footYour skin is the largest organ of your body. Applying the oils to your skin is a great way to use the oils. You can apply essential oils on the temples, forehead, wrists, behind the ears, the back of the neck, on the stomach for digestive issues, and on the bottoms of the feet. When you have back pain, apply there. When you feel a cough coming on, apply to the throat or chest. On the bottom of the feet is sometimes the best place to apply oils. You can affect specific areas of your body by applying oil to specific areas. (See the chart to the left) However, it is not necessary to apply to all of those places at one time. Usually 1-4 drops on one or two areas will do the trick.

Some oils can be applied “neat”, which means you can apply it straight to the skin without diluting with a carrier oil. You put some drops in your hand and apply straight to your skin. However, some essential oils are suggested to mix with a carrier oil. You can use organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, or V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil as carrier oils. You can purchase organic extra virgin olive oil or organic coconut oil at natural/organic stores in the “cooking” section.

It will tell you on the essential oil bottle the ratio you will need to use. For example, one drop of oil to one drop of carrier oil. On Peppermint oil for example it will say 1 drop of Peppermint to 4 drops of carrier oil. It is always good to test a small spot of your skin to make sure you skin reacts okay to it. Many lotions and beauty products contain toxins. Therefore, the essential oils may draw out the toxins and sometimes you will see a reaction. It is not really the essential oil you may have a reaction to, but the toxins from your beauty supplies.

It may be helpful to purchase a little bottle with a dropper to keep your carrier oil in. It is perfect because it allows you to get precise drops, which is especially helpful when filling capsules for ingesting (we will discuss this next). Just keep in mind, if you are using the dropper or bottle for your essential oils, you will need a glass dropper and bottle. You can purchase vegetable capsules, small bottles with bottle droppers from your local Whole Foods or Earthfare or online.

Often, there are questions asked about pre-mixing essential oils with carrier oils to keep already mixed for an extended amount of time. You do NOT want to do this unless you know you will be using them up quickly because essential oils stay good forever…carrier oils can go bad over time.


Ingesting Essential Oils

liquid_into_a_cup_of_instant_highdefinition_pictureSo, how can you ingest Young Living Oils?
You can put essential oils in your water. Lemon and Orange are great oils to put in water. You need to always use a GLASS when doing this. Oils will attack the toxins…plastic, styrofoam, and such have toxins, and they will leach into your beverage. You MUST use glass. It may be helpful to keep a glass water bottle for drinking “on the go”. You can find glass water bottles at most big box stores.
You can also put Lemon and Orange in tea. Peppermint is also a great addition to hot tea or water…but trust me, you will only want to use one drop. It’s strong. You can add Lemon and Lime with some Stevia to carbonated water and have a yummy drink. You can put a drop in a spoonful of honey or agave. You can put a drop on a piece of bread. You can even place a drop on your finger and hold on the inside of your cheek if you are feeling sick.
However, NOT ALL OILS are good for ingesting, even when using Young Living oils. So MAKE SURE to read your oil bottles and Reference Guide to see if you can ingest and HOW MUCH to ingest.
Finally, you can ingest by using vegetable capsules. This is seriously the easiest way to ingest your oils, especially when ingesting multiple oils daily. You want the size 00. (They come in 0 and 00.) You can purchase these at most natural health stores or online.
These little capsules open up and you fill the oil in the larger portion of the capsule. Always refer to your bottle or your Pocket Reference Guide for the amount of essential oil drops and the amount of carrier oil drops. For instance with Lemon, you can put 2 drops of Lemon and then fill the rest with organic extra virgin olive oil. Then, just place the smaller cap back on the capsule and swallow. You will need to ingest the capsule within a reasonable time after creating it, because the capsule will begin to get soft. If you are ingesting multiple oils at once, just put them in the same capsule with the carrier oil if needed, and ingest.

For more info on how to use Young Living Essential Oils safely check out this safety guide.