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So you use up a bottle of Young Living essential oil & you empty out the last few drops into a jar of epsom salts to enjoy a nice soak. Now what do you do with the bottles? Reuse them of course! It’s easier than you think to remove the labels.

First, remove the top & reducer from the bottle.

Next, soak the bottles in a bowl of warm water & soap.



(Yes, I’ve been holding onto empty lemon bottles for a while.)

Next you can peel the labels off. With the older labels it’s easier if you find the seam. Then rub the soapy water to remove as much as possible. If there is still some residue just use a drop of lemon oil to finish removing it.

The newer Young Living labels come off incredibly easy.

Let the bottles dry & you are ready to reuse them!


Now it’s easier than ever to make your own blends or roll-ons!

You can use fractionated coconut oil or your favorite carrier oil to make up your own blends. You can replace the reducer & top or use an Aroma Glide filament to make your own roll-ons!



What do you do with your essential oil bottles when they get down to the last drop or so that doesn’t want to come out of the reducer? Today’s tip is a great way to use those last few drops! Then come back next week for tips on how to reuse the bottles!