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Young Living’s March promos are AHHH-MAZING!! You can check out my recent post about Multigreens here. And the Thieves Cleaner? I clean almost everything with it! I’ll be sharing about it later this week!


I absolutely love making my own deodorant. I like knowing exactly what goes in it, and it honestly works better than any store-bought deodorant I have ever tried. Now it did take a few weeks to detox from all the chemicals in the store-bought deodorants that I have used in the past, but it was so worth it. Here is my favorite recipe and a couple of tips.

First, when/if you go through a detox don’t give up. Simply wash under your arms and reapply your deodorant. If you are patient with the process it will pay off.

Secondly, if you use a deodorant container I recommend ordering some online that have the little shelf at the bottom so you are twisting up the shelf. This recipe does not form a hard solid so the twist up ones that simply twist up a ‘solid’ do not work so well. I ordered these and they are working well. You can also just use a glass jelly jar. Whichever one you find works easier for you.

Thirdly, if you are using the deodorant container I don’t recommend leaving it in a car if you are traveling. (It will melt. Trust my experience.) I usually take a little cooler with me when traveling anyway so I put it in a plastic zip top bag and place it in the cooler.

Do you have a favorite DIY deodorant recipe?