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Essential Oil Basics


Essential oils are the vital fluids of plants, or one may call it the “life blood” of the plant. The reason the word “essential” is used is because this is what is necessary for the plant to live.

Essential oils are made up of tiny molecules. These molecules are so small that they can make their way into every cell and basically help support wellness at the most fundamental levels of our body.

Every drop of oil contains 40 million-trillion molecules. One drop has 40,000 times the amount of molecules we have in our bodies. Therefore, you do not have to use a lot of oil to get results. As a matter of fact, you could use too much and overload the receptor sites. Less is better in most cases.

Most essential oil molecules are made up of three different compounds. They are phenols, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes.

Phenols create conditions that help support healthy systems. Their most important feature is that they clean the receptor sites on the cells. If your receptor sites are not clean, cells can not communicate.

Monoterpenes are found in most essential oils and they offer a variety of properties. The most important aspect of monoterpenes is that they can support healthy systems function.

Sesquiterpenes deliver oxygen molecules to cells, just like hemoglobin does in the blood.

Whether you are convinced yet or not, do not rely on what others say to find out if essential oils work. The best way to find out if they will work is for you to try them yourself! Young Living has created a kit just for you. It’s called the Everyday Oils Kit!

The Everyday Oils Collection is perfect if you are just getting started with essential oils. There is a little something for almost every issue. Getting to try the 11 oils that come in a kit is a great way to try some of the most popular oils.

This set comes in the Premium Starter Kit and includes the 10 basic oils that are used by most Young Living members. The oils in the kit come in 5-ml bottles so you can test them out before investing in the larger bottles.

If you purchase a Premium Starter Kit, you will not only receive the entire Everyday Oils collection (10 oils), but you will also receive a FREE bottle of Citrus Fresh (5-ml) and the Young Living Aroma Diffuser! Young Living just keeps giving more away in this kit and keeping the price the same! I ALWAYS recommend going this route. Once you become a member and purchase this kit, you will receive the distributor discount of 24% off retail. Plus, you can become a member and NEVER be obligated to purchase a certain amount each month, and there is never any pressure to do the business side of being a distributor.